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Trust & Estate Litigation

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Our litigation attorneys can provide you with sound advice and the necessary direction to properly perform your duties as trustee or to know your rights as a beneficiary or personal representative.  We strive to craft an outcome that meets our client's personal, business, financial, and/or tax-planning goals.​

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​• Creditor claims

• Failure to pay beneficiaries

• Lack of mental capacity

• Payment to wrong beneficiaries

• Trustee failure in annual accounting and reporting

• Trustee failure to determine value of assets prior to sale

• Trust fraud

• Undue influence

​​If you expect to be involved in a will or trust contest, or a legal dispute involving any of the above matters, please schedule a consultation with one of our experienced trust litigation attorneys.  We also work with clients to prepare their estate with the goal of avoiding potential future litigation.  For more information on estate planning and asset protection please contact us.

Trust and estate disputes involve more than money - they often encompass emotional issues that can divide families and interfere with a trustee's or personal representative's administration of the trust or estate.  Many trustees do not realize that they may be held personally liable for improper handling of a trust. Our knowledgeable trust and estate litigation attorneys work with our clients to avoid long-drawn-out litigation, minimize costs, and preserve family relationships. We represent trustees, personal representatives, beneficiaries, and interested third parties in trust petition proceedings, will contests, estate tax disputes, and other fiduciary litigation on the following types of trust litigation: