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Ashley V. Brewer

Business and Branding Attorney

"I bring my personal and professional experiences into my practice when dealing with my business clients. I've dealt with the challenges and rewards of starting a business."

Our Attorneys

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Holly N. Derenthal

Family Law Attorney

"I understand that my clients are going through gut-wrenching times and my goal is to meet them where they are and guide them through the legal process, with a focus on practical outcomes that make sense."

Michael E. Long

Business and Litigation Attorney

"Life seems to require the most of a person when they are least prepared for the challenge. I’m an advocate; it is hardwired in my DNA to help people.  I love what I do."

​​Trevor K. Brewer

Business and Beverage Attorney

“My primary goal is to help people work together, whether in a business or in a family. I enjoy providing creative legal solutions that get people on the same page.”